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The younguns competition is aimed at allowing young people to get involved in freestyle kayaking in a fun and freindly way! Whether you are learning how to surf a wave, throw your first end or flip in your kayak Younguns is the place to be.

The competition is unlike most freestyle competitions, if you enter with no previous experience you could still win! we love to see funny tricks, paddle spins and the occasional chocolate bribery for bonus points!

  • Can my child be 19 to enter this competition?
    Yes, as long as they were 18 years on the 1st January
  • Which age category should I enter?
    You should enter the age category according to your age on the 1st January 2018
  • What ability do I need to be?
    You can be a novice at these events and we welcome anyone, although a reasonable white water roll is important.
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